Coinbase Premium for Bitcoin Soars: What It Indicates About The $45,000 Break


The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a significant surge, and amidst the rally, an interesting trend has emerged – the Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Gap. In this post, we will delve into what this surge in the premium suggests about the recent price break of Bitcoin, particularly crossing the $45,000 mark. Let’s explore the dynamics and potential implications.

Understanding the Coinbase Premium Gap

The Coinbase Premium Gap, a metric highlighted by Maartunn, the CryptoQuant Netherlands community manager, tracks the difference between Bitcoin prices on Coinbase and Binance. A positive value indicates a higher price on Coinbase, implying stronger buying pressure from its users. Conversely, a negative value suggests greater buying pressure on Binance.

Visualizing the Trend

Let’s take a look at the recent trend in the Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Gap through a chart:

As evident from the chart, the Premium Gap has shown a notable positive surge in recent days, indicating a substantial increase in buying pressure on Coinbase.

Implications for the Market

Coinbase, known for its popularity among US-based institutional investors, provides a valuable insight into the behavior of these significant players. A positive Premium Gap suggests heightened buying pressure from US institutions, potentially driving the recent surge in Bitcoin’s price.

Institutional Accumulation Signals

Considering the positive Premium Gap over the past day, it’s plausible that US institutional investors have been actively accumulating Bitcoin. The timing aligns with the cryptocurrency’s breakthrough above the $45,000 barrier, a level not seen since April 2022. This accumulation phase could be a key driver behind the recent upward momentum.

Spot ETF Approval and Institutional Involvement

The surge coincides with the market’s anticipation of the approval of Bitcoin’s spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Institutional holders in the US, using Coinbase, may be aligning their positions with the optimism surrounding the potential approval. This suggests that these investors could be contributing significantly to the recent bullish trend.

Continuation of Correlation

Maartunn previously highlighted a correlation between the BTC spot price and the Coinbase Premium Gap, which has held throughout the last month of 2023. The current surge reinforces the idea that this correlation might continue to influence Bitcoin’s trajectory in the early days of 2024.

Bitcoin Price Movement

Bitcoin reached as high as $45,900 but has since experienced a slight pullback to around $45,500. The sharp uptrend observed in the past day underscores the impact of institutional involvement on the cryptocurrency’s valuation.

Bitcoin Price Chart


The Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Gap surge indicates a substantial influx of buying pressure from US institutional investors on Coinbase. As the market awaits potential ETF approvals, the correlation between the Premium Gap and Bitcoin’s spot price remains a crucial factor to monitor. The latest price breakthrough and positive Premium Gap emphasize the influence of institutional players in shaping the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024.

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