Increased Bitcoin Inflows Into Binance: Will Whales Start Selling in 2024?


The cryptocurrency market is always buzzing with activity, and the latest on-chain data from Binance suggests that big players, commonly known as whales, might be gearing up for a significant move. Bitcoin inflows to Binance have recently experienced a notable surge, prompting speculation about potential whale selloffs. In this post, we delve into the details of the situation and explore the implications for the broader crypto market.

Bitcoin Netflow Surge:

CryptoQuant Netherlands community manager Maartunn sheds light on the recent developments, revealing a sharp increase in Binance’s exchange reserve over the past day. The key metric of interest here is the “exchange netflow,” which tracks the net amount of Bitcoin entering or exiting a centralized exchange. A positive value indicates more inflows than outflows, suggesting a current trend of net deposits, while a negative value implies net withdrawals, indicating accumulation.

Chart Analysis:

A detailed chart presented by Maartunn illustrates the surge in Bitcoin exchange netflow specific to Binance. The graph depicts a substantial positive spike, indicating a considerable influx of Bitcoin to the platform. This recent surge accounts for a staggering 10,666 BTC, valued at $454.6 million at the current spot price.

Potential Bearish Signals:

While the immediate impact on Bitcoin’s price remains subdued, the influx of such a significant amount raises concerns among market analysts. The prevailing sentiment is that some whales may be positioning themselves to offload a substantial number of coins. If this holds true, it could have bearish implications for the cryptocurrency’s price in the near future.

Whale Distribution Trends:

Analyst James V. Straten shares insights into the market’s accumulation and distribution trends among different investor groups. Notably, while some cohorts, including whales with holdings ranging from 1,000 BTC to 10,000 BTC, are still accumulating, the largest entities (mega whales) with over 10,000 BTC are currently distributing. This divergence in behavior suggests that massive players might be initiating selling moves.

BTC Price Analysis:

As of the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at approximately $42,700, reflecting a 2% decrease over the past week. The stagnant price, despite the significant net inflows to Binance, leaves room for speculation. It’s essential for investors to monitor the situation closely, considering the potential impact on the broader market.


The recent surge in Bitcoin inflows to Binance has set the stage for an intriguing start to 2024. The net deposit of a substantial amount of Bitcoin raises questions about the intentions of large holders. While the immediate market response is muted, the possibility of a whale selloff looms. Traders and enthusiasts alike should stay vigilant, keeping a close eye on market indicators and trends to navigate these uncertain waters.

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