Crypto Analyst Unveils Bullish Prediction For Ethereum And XRP

A popular crypto analyst, identified as CrediBull Crypto on X (formerly Twitter) has unveiled bullish projections for both Ethereum and XRP. Doubling down on his previous XRP price prediction, the analyst has further affirmed that the cryptocurrency is poised to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum in the upcoming 2024 bull run. 

Ethereum Set To Hit New All-Time Highs 

In a recent X post, CrediBull Crypto disclosed insights on the next cryptocurrency to break out after Bitcoin. With BTC hitting its previous all-time highs above $71,000, the analyst has suggested that Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, is next in line to witness a significant rally. 

According to the analyst, many crypto enthusiasts and investors are already anticipating a potential bullish break out in the price of Ethereum. He disclosed that the majority of the crypto community is sharing a similar sentiment, hoping for Ethereum’s price to consolidate between the range of $3,600 and $3,700. 

Expressing confidence in Ethereum’s price outlook, the analyst has suggested that a surge to over 25% was well within reach before any notable pullback occurred. He shared a chart of Ethereum’s recent price movements, highlighting the cryptocurrency’s apparent determination to enter a major bullish position

“Ethereum wants new all-time highs,” the analyst wrote, emphasizing the cryptocurrency’s fervent drive to surge to unprecedented heights. This bullish outlook is also underpinned by Ethereum’s robust fundamentals, bolstered further by its positive price performance recently. 

Today's total crypto market cap, at $2.4 trillion. Chart: TradingView

Crypto Analyst Remains Bullish On XRP 

In another X post, CrediBull Crypto unveiled price predictions for XRP, reaffirming his initial forecast in February 2024, when he predicted that the price of XRP could achieve a 200% gain over Bitcoin. At the time, the analyst declared that XRP was set to potentially outperform both Bitcoin and Ethereum in “the coming days or weeks.”

The analyst confirmed in his recent post that technical indicators were currently aligning with his bullish projections, potentially signaling a confirmation of his previous XRP price prediction. He emphasized that the anticipated window of outperformance mentioned in his initial forecast was “right around the corner.”

This time around the crypto analyst has disclosed a bold target, projecting a 250% gain against Bitcoin. With unwavering optimism, CrediBull Crypto anticipates Ethereum soaring to new all-time highs, a sentiment underscored by his strategic move to bolster the XRP holdings in his portfolio. 

At the time of writing, the price of XRP is reflecting a weekly uptick of 1.78%, standing at $0.639 on CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency has been steadily rising out of bearish trends, surging past critical price resistance levels at $0.5, and finally showing signs of a potential bullish rally in the upcoming bull market. 

Featured image from Pixabay, chart from TradingView


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