Crypto Trader Rakes in $6.7 Million in a 3-Hour Spree with Ethereum Token – Here’s the Breakdown

1. Whale Trade Success:

  • A crypto trader earned over $6 million in less than three hours through a successful trade on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The trader achieved an impressive almost 600% gain during this period.

2. Satoshi VM (SAVM) Token Launch:

  • The trader’s profits were tied to the launch of the Satoshi VM (SAVM) token, a Layer 2 network for the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • SAVM gained significant attention and hype, endorsed by influential figures like MacnBTC and Crypto Kaduna.

3. Strategic Launch Maneuver:

  • The trader paid a bribe fee of 141.66 ETH (approximately $140,000) to front-run the contract wallet drop during the SAVM token launch.
  • By doing so, the trader acquired 2.61 SAVM tokens for 277.66 ETH, with a total cost of around $700,000.

4. Rapid Value Surge:

  • Within three hours, the value of the trader’s SAVM stash surged to over $6.7 million, resulting in a profit of more than $6 million.

5. Profitable Transactions:

  • The trader initially sold 2.16 million SAVM tokens for $4.38 million, realizing a profit of $3.6 million.
  • Subsequently, the trader offloaded all SAVM holdings, making a total profit of over $6 million in less than one day.

6. SAVM Token Performance:

  • The SAVM token witnessed a rapid rise, reaching a peak of $14.8 with a market cap exceeding $150 million.
  • Despite a retracement to $11.6, the market cap remained at $120 million at the time of writing.

7. Community Reaction:

  • The SAVM token launch surprised the crypto community, oversubscribed with 47,000 participants, and gained significant traction, crossing the $100 million market cap mark in a short time.

8. Influencer Impact:

  • Large influencers played a crucial role in the success of the SAVM token launch, contributing to its rapid rise and widespread popularity.

9. Market Dynamics:

  • The Ethereum price dropped below $2,500 during the period, providing context to the overall market conditions.

Note: The information is based on the provided text and may not reflect real-time market conditions.

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