Goliath Crypto Trade Cautions Clients After $11M Token Hack


The South Korean crypto space was rattled over the weekend as SOMESING, a popular Karaoke service, fell victim to a massive hack, resulting in the theft of hundreds of millions of SSX tokens. The aftermath has prompted major crypto exchanges, including Upbit, Bithumb, and Coinone, to take precautionary measures and issue alerts to their users. This blog post dives deep into the details of the security breach, the response from Upbit, and the implications for investors.

  1. The Hack and its Impact
  • Overview of the SOMESING hack
  • Stolen SSX tokens valued at $11 million
  • Immediate response from the crypto community
  1. Upbit’s Press Release
  • Upbit’s announcement to users
  • Measures taken to mitigate risks
  • The designation of SSX token as a ‘cautionary asset’
  1. Suspension of Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Bithumb and Coinone’s response
  • Reasons behind the suspension
  • Protecting investors during times of uncertainty
  1. SSX Token: A Cautionary Asset
  • Understanding the ‘cautionary asset’ designation
  • Parameters for the review period
  • Upbit’s commitment to investor protection
  1. SOMESING’s Detailed Report
  • Notification to the community and token holders
  • Breakdown of the stolen tokens
  • Emergency measures and collaboration with authorities
  1. Investigation and Cybersecurity Measures
  • Identifying the perpetrator
  • Reporting to Cyber Investigation Unit and Interpol
  • Tracking stolen funds with Klaytn Foundation and Uppsala Security
  1. Market Response and Price Volatility
  • Pre-hack and post-hack token prices
  • CoinGecko data analysis
  • Implications for investors and the broader market

Upbit’s Response:

  • Upbit’s notification to users
  • Security risks and price volatility alert
  • Decision to suspend SSX token deposits and withdrawals

Investigation Details:

  • Professional hacker involvement
  • Cooperation with Cyber Investigation Unit
  • Collaborative efforts with Klaytn Foundation and Uppsala Security

Market Impact:

  • Immediate price drop of SSX token
  • CoinGecko data analysis
  • Comparative analysis with BTC’s trading activity

Upbit’s Measures:

  • Suspension of SSX token transactions
  • ‘Cautionary asset’ designation explanation
  • Review period and potential outcomes

SOMESING’s Emergency Measures:

  • Reporting the incident to authorities
  • Urgent requests to exchanges for suspension
  • Collaboration with Klaytn Foundation and Uppsala Security

Market Analysis:

  • SSX token price before and after the hack
  • Impact on investor confidence
  • Implications for the broader crypto market


Q1: How much SSX tokens were stolen in the hack?
A1: 730 million SSX tokens, approximately valued at $11 million.

Q2: Why did Upbit suspend SSX token transactions?
A2: Upbit suspended transactions due to security risks and the ‘cautionary asset’ designation.

Q3: What measures did SOMESING take immediately after the hack?
A3: SOMESING reported the incident to authorities, requested exchanges to suspend transactions, and initiated collaboration with cybersecurity firms.

The SOMESING hack has sent shockwaves through the South Korean crypto landscape, with Upbit and other exchanges taking swift measures to protect users. The stolen SSX tokens, valued at $11 million, triggered a comprehensive response from the crypto community, including a ‘cautionary asset’ designation by Upbit. As investigations unfold and collaborative efforts intensify, the market grapples with the aftermath, impacting token prices and investor confidence. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the incident, response, and the potential implications for the future of the affected cryptocurrency.

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