Cyber Delight: A $81 million orbital chain theft in 2024


As the world celebrated the arrival of 2024, the cryptocurrency community was jolted by a staggering incident – cybercriminals executed a meticulous heist, making off with over $82 million in cryptocurrency. The target? The Orbit Chain, specifically exploiting the Orbit Bridge, a bridging service integral to the cross-chain protocol.

The Heist Unveiled

The breach unfolded on December 31, 2023, at 08:52:47 PM +UTC, sending shockwaves through the crypto space. The Orbit Chain team promptly confirmed the incident and joined forces with Theori, a prominent web3 auditing company, to dissect the attack’s origins. Law enforcement agencies worldwide were engaged, emphasizing the global impact of cybercrime.

The Investigation Landscape

PeckShield Inc., a blockchain security company, led an initial inquiry, exposing a staggering $81.5 million in losses across stablecoins and various cryptocurrencies in five separate transactions. Notable figures in the crypto community, including Twitter influencer @officer_cia, corroborated the attack through their social media channels.

SlowMist, another cybersecurity entity, conducted an external investigation hinting at a potential security breach within the Orbit Chain bridge or a compromised centralized server. The ongoing, comprehensive investigation aims to unearth the intricacies of the breach.

Insights from the Crypto Community

Blockchain security specialists and influencers played a crucial role in verifying the incident. Arkham Intelligence reported five distinct transactions siphoning off $81.68 million from the system, shedding light on the gravity of the situation.

Orbit Chain’s Background and Response

Originating in South Korea in 2018, Orbit Chain facilitates cross-chain transactions between decentralized protocols and boasts strong ties to Klaytn. While the Klaytn Foundation remains unscathed by the Orbit Bridge hack, they are actively collaborating with Ozys, the primary bridge supplier, to assess the situation comprehensively.

Adding to the 2023 Cybercrime Toll

This incident adds another layer to the grim statistics of 2023’s cybercrime landscape, where losses surpassed $2.4 billion across 462 hacks. Orbit Chain, undeterred, is diligently working on a root cause investigation and has unveiled a user compensation plan. Users seeking refunds must undergo a verification process, emphasizing Orbit Chain’s commitment to rectifying the aftermath.


As the crypto world grapples with the aftermath of the Orbit Bridge heist, it underscores the pressing need for enhanced security measures and collaborative efforts within the industry. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges the crypto space faces and the collective responsibility to fortify its defenses against ever-evolving cyber threats. Stay tuned for updates as the investigation unfolds, and the crypto community rallies to secure its future.

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