This Is The Reason Behind Celestia’s (TIA) Ascent To Record Highs

The Celestia (TIA) price surge has been one of the most impressive over the last few days. This is because the coin is rallying at a time when uncertainty is the order of the day as crypto investors await the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision on Spot Bitcoin ETFs. So far, the TIA coin has been able to rise to new all-time highs, reaching almost 800% from its 2023 lows.

  1. Impressive Rally: Celestia (TIA) has experienced a remarkable surge in price over the past few days, reaching new all-time highs despite the prevailing uncertainty in the crypto market.
  2. Stakers’ Rewards: The primary driver behind Celestia’s recent popularity is the issuance of multiple airdrops to TIA stakers. These stakers, who contribute to securing the network, have received rewards from various projects, notably the Dymension airdrop, leading to heightened social media discussions.
  3. Airdrop Highlights: Dymension, SAGA, and MILK from the Milky Way project are among the projects confirmed to airdrop tokens to TIA stakers. The Dymension airdrop alone has seen nearly 300,000 claims, indicating widespread interest and participation.
  4. Increased Demand: The airdrops have driven a surge in demand for TIA tokens, as investors rush to acquire coins for staking purposes. This heightened demand has contributed to the substantial rise in the TIA token price.
  5. New All-Time Highs: Celestia’s token price has soared, witnessing a 20% increase in a single day, culminating in a new all-time high of $17. This marks an 800% rise from its October 2023 lows of $2.
  6. Trading Volume Surge: Accompanying the price surge is a notable increase in trading volume, with a 95% rise according to CoinMarketCap, bringing the 24-hour volume to $892 million.
  7. Short-Term Performance: The altcoin’s price is currently 96% higher than it was 30 days ago and 36% higher than its value seven days ago, indicating a recent strong bullish momentum.

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