Hong Kong Controller Banners Floki Convention’s Marking Items As ‘Dubious’


In a recent development, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has raised concerns over the legitimacy of two staking products associated with the Floki protocol. The warning comes as the financial regulator deems the “Floki Staking Program” and the “TokenFi Staking Program” as “suspicious.” This blog post delves into the details of the regulatory alert and provides insights into the response from the Floki team.

The Warning from Hong Kong’s SFC

The SFC, in a media release, explicitly cautioned the public against engaging with the Floki Staking Program and the TokenFi Staking Program. Both products claim to offer enticing annualized return targets ranging from 30% to over 100%. However, the SFC emphasized that these cryptocurrency offerings lack proper authorization in Hong Kong, making them potentially risky investments.

Staking and Its Risks

Staking, a method for crypto holders to earn rewards by supporting blockchain operations, has gained popularity. However, the SFC highlighted the lack of satisfactory evidence from the Floki protocol regarding the achievement of the proclaimed high annualized return targets. As a consequence, both staking products have been added to the SFC’s Suspicious Investment Products Alert List, dated January 26.

Investor Warnings and Regulatory Commitment

The SFC extended its warning to investors, emphasizing the potential risks associated with “staking” arrangements tied to digital assets. The regulator cautioned against investment products promising “too-good-to-be-true” returns and urged investors to stay vigilant when making financial decisions. The overarching commitment of the SFC is to maintain regulatory standards and protect the Hong Kong public from potential fraudulent schemes.

Floki Team’s Response

Addressing the SFC’s statements, the Floki team took the opportunity to communicate with the community through a weekly recap on the X platform, dated January 27. The team acknowledged ongoing conversations with the Hong Kong regulator but did not disclose specific details. However, it was revealed that a marketing agency had been engaged to promote the staking products, believing approval had been obtained.

Uncertainty and Commitment

The Floki team expressed uncertainty about the continuation of the marketing campaign in Hong Kong. Despite this, they assured investors of their commitment to fulfill all necessary provisions required by the regulatory authority. The team also hinted at collaborations with the marketing agency to navigate through the challenges posed by the SFC’s warning.

Current Status and Future Outlook

As of the latest update, the Floki Inu token is valued at $0.00002922, reflecting a 1.1% price increase in the past day. The price hovers around $0.00003 on the daily timeframe, as depicted in the FLOKIUSDT chart on TradingView.

In conclusion, the warning from Hong Kong’s SFC raises critical questions about the legitimacy and regulatory compliance of Floki’s staking products. The Floki team’s response indicates ongoing efforts to address the concerns raised by the regulator. Investors are advised to exercise caution and stay informed about the developments surrounding these staking products in the dynamic crypto landscape.

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