111 Days Away From The Next Bitcoin Halving: What It Means For Investors


While the spotlight in the cryptocurrency world is currently on the pending approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States, another significant event is quietly approaching—the Bitcoin halving. In just 111 days, on April 22, 2024, the next BTC Halving will occur, reducing the emission quantity from 6.25 to 3.125. Renowned crypto analyst Rekt Capital has provided insights into the potential market dynamics leading up to and following this crucial event.

The Five Phases Unveiled

According to Rekt Capital, the journey towards the halving unfolds in five distinct phases, each carrying implications for investors and the broader market.

  1. Pre-Halving Period
  • This current phase sets the stage for potential returns post-halving.
  • Deeper retracements during this period historically yield fantastic Return On Investment for investors.
  1. Pre-Halving Rally (60 Days Before)
  • Marked by a ‘buy the hype, sell the news’ approach.
  • Traders anticipate a hype-driven rally, selling just before the halving, leading to a pre-halving retrace.
  1. Pre-Halving Retrace (Around the Halving)
  • Historically witnesses significant price drops.
  • Previous retraces were -38% (2016) and -20% (2020), sparking questions about the halving’s bullish impact.
  1. Re-Accumulation
  • Following the retrace, investors face challenges like boredom and impatience.
  • Immediate significant returns might not materialize, causing potential disappointment.
  1. Breakout into Parabolic Uptrend
  • The final phase where Bitcoin experiences accelerated growth.
  • Often leads to new all-time highs, indicating the culmination of the halving cycle.

Imminent Spot ETF: A Pattern Breaker?

The imminent approval of a Bitcoin ETF introduces an intriguing variable. Gabor Gurbacs, advisor to Tether and VanEck, suggests that people might overestimate the initial impact while underestimating the long-term influence of spot Bitcoin ETFs. He draws parallels with gold, which witnessed an 8-year, 5x rally with no down years between 2005 and 2012 following ETF approval.

Market Snapshot

At present, BTC trades at $42,727, maintaining an uptrend. The impending spot ETF approval has the potential to disrupt historical patterns, ushering in a new era for Bitcoin investors.


As the countdown to the next Bitcoin halving continues, investors should carefully navigate the market dynamics outlined by Rekt Capital. The interplay between the halving and the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF adds a layer of complexity to the traditional patterns, making the coming months a fascinating and potentially lucrative period for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Stay tuned for updates on how these events unfold and impact the crypto landscape.

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