Exchanges Not Bleeding Bitcoin: New Glassnode Data Busts Myth

The analytics firm Glassnode has revealed that exchanges haven’t been bleeding Bitcoin, at least not to the degree many previously thought. Bitcoin Exchange Reserve Has Only Seen A Minimal Decrease In Recent Years The exchange balance, a measure of the total amount of Bitcoin sitting in the wallets of centralized exchanges, has often been a … Read more

Coinbase Bags $32 Million Contract From DOJ For Handling Confiscated Crypto

In a significant development, the US Department of Justice’s asset forfeiture division, the US Marshal Service, has chosen Coinbase as its custody provider for large-cap digital assets.  Coinbase announced the partnership in a recent blog post, highlighting the agency’s selection of Coinbase Prime to offer custody and advanced trading services for its “Class 1” digital … Read more

Bitcoin ATMs On The Rise: Crypto Goes Mainstream With Over 38,000 Machines Worldwide

The world of cryptocurrency is witnessing a boom in accessibility, with Bitcoin ATMs leading the charge. From a meager 10,000 in October 2020, the number of these cash-to-crypto converters has ballooned to over 38,000 globally. This surge isn’t just a fad; experts predict continued growth fueled by a perfect storm of convenience, profitability, and strategic … Read more

Ethereum Spot ETF: Bloomberg Analyst Extends Deadline For Launch

Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas has shifted his projected deadline for the launch of Ethereum Spot ETFs in the United States. This development comes following comments by the US Securities and Exchange Commission on the second round of S-1 forms submission. S-1 Forms Receive Late Response From SEC – Details In May, the SEC abruptly approved … Read more

Here’s Why XRP and Cardano Might Not See ETFs Anytime Soon — Report

The realm of cryptocurrency ETFs appears to be now expanding, yet not all digital assets are poised for an easy transition into this financial product. GSR’s recent analysis of the potential for ETFs across various crypto has brought forward insights that place XRP and Cardano in a challenging position for ETF adaptation. Using a comprehensive … Read more

VanEck Executive Reveals Why The Firm Filed For A Spot Solana ETF

In a groundbreaking development for the cryptocurrency market, global asset management company, VanEck has filed for a Spot Solana Exchange Traded Fund (ETFS). Matthew Sigel, VanEck’s head of research has outlined several compelling reasons driving the firm’s decision to file for a Spot Solana ETF.  VanEck Provides Reasons For Filing A Spot Solana ETF In … Read more

Crypto Queen Wanted: US Raises Reward To $5 Million For OneCoin Mastermind

The elusive “Crypto Queen” Ruja Ignatova, mastermind behind the infamous OneCoin scam, remains a thorn in the side of law enforcement despite a significant bump in the reward for her capture. The US State Department upped the ante to a staggering $5 million this week, the latest move in a years-long chase that has captivated … Read more

DeFi Protocol Alex Lab $4 Million Hack Linked To Lazarus Group

Alex Lab, a Bitcoin-based DeFi protocol, revealed new details about the hack it suffered in May. The project announced it had potentially identified the attacker with the help of a blockchain sleuth while the police continued to investigate the incident. DeFi Protocol Loses Millions To Phishing Attack On May 15, the Alex Lab Foundation fell … Read more

Bitcoin On Her List: Suriname’s Presidential Hopeful Embraces Crypto For Economic Revival

Bitcoin is emerging as a potential revolutionary force in developing nations, where economic woes are a constant struggle, often plagued by inflation, currency devaluation, and limited access to traditional financial systems. In Suriname, a South American nation facing significant economic hardship, a political hopeful is making waves with a bold proposition – adopting Bitcoin as … Read more

Bitcoin Poised For Power Play: Analyst Charts Course For BTC Dominance

The cryptocurrency kingdom is abuzz with chatter of a potential changing of the guard. Bitcoin, the undisputed king for over a decade, finds its dominance challenged by a restless altcoin army. Analyst Egrag Crypto has identified a critical juncture that could spell either a surge in Bitcoin’s reign or a long-awaited altcoin uprising. Breaking The … Read more