Here’s the roadmap: a popular analyst places Solana at $1,000 and XRP at $7.

A popular crypto analyst has predicted a massive increase for Solana and XRP, foreseeing both cryptocurrencies reaching new all-time highs in 2024. 


  1. Bold Predictions:
  • Crypto analyst Ben Armstrong predicts a significant surge in Solana and XRP prices in 2024.
  • Forecasts Solana to reach $1,000 and XRP to hit $7 during the year.
  1. Current Market Values:
  • At the time of prediction, Solana’s market value is approximately $108.75, while XRP is trading at $0.63.
  1. Percentage Increase:
  • Anticipates around a 1,000% increase for Solana and a 1,100% increase for XRP based on his predictions.
  1. Armstrong’s Roadmap:
  • Armstrong outlines a roadmap for his predictions, linking them to Ripple’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) and the potential launch of an Ethereum Spot Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).
  1. Divergence in Bull Runs:
  • Differentiates between Solana’s already inflated numbers and XRP’s slow build-up, expecting XRP to surge when the Ripple IPO launches, coupled with the Ethereum ETF.
  1. XRP’s Future Trajectory:
  • Armstrong extends his predictions to 2025, highlighting the aftermath of the Ethereum Spot ETF launch and the possibility of an XRP ETF.
  • Expresses confidence in XRP outperforming Solana, citing positive developments and regulatory clarity in the XRP ecosystem.
  1. XRP as Bull Run Closer:
  • Proposes that XRP will likely conclude the bull run, with Solana initiating it.
  • Attributes XRP’s potential success to factors like improved regulatory clarity and widespread acceptance in major exchanges and countries globally.

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