SEC vs. Ripple: Nothing to report on the front lines, a legal expert explains

In the ongoing legal tussle between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the silence is deafening. Pro-XRP legal expert Fred Rispoli has recently shared his insights on the peculiar calm before the storm, shedding light on the dynamics and potential outcomes as the next crucial deadline approaches.

Heading 1: All Seems Calm As Next Deadline In Ripple Case Approaches

As we approach the February 12 deadline for the completion of damages-related discovery in the Ripple case, legal expert Fred Rispoli observes a surprising lack of activity between the SEC and Ripple. Despite the historically hostile nature of the legal battle, there have been no recent motions from the SEC. Rispoli anticipates potential action just before the deadline, suggesting that the absence of such motions might indicate a more amicable approach from both parties.


  • Damages-related discovery completion scheduled for February 12.
  • Surprising lack of discovery motions from the SEC.
  • Speculation on SEC filing a motion close to the deadline.
  • Possibility of SEC and Ripple “playing nice” if no last-minute motions occur.

Heading 2: Possible Outcomes in the Ripple-SEC Legal Battle

Rispoli outlines two potential scenarios as the legal saga unfolds. Firstly, he envisions the SEC obtaining and reviewing relevant discovery materials, leading to a settlement with Ripple. Alternatively, if a settlement is not reached, the legal battle could extend through the damages briefing, concluding on April 29. Rispoli strongly advocates for a settlement, asserting that the SEC is better off taking an “easy win” rather than risking further losses in court.


  • Two potential outcomes: Settlement or a prolonged legal battle.
  • SEC obtaining and reviewing discovery materials.
  • Possibility of settlement before damages briefing.
  • Rispoli’s recommendation for the SEC to opt for a settlement.

Heading 3: SEC Will Need To Compromise

In the event of a settlement, Rispoli highlights the need for the SEC to compromise on the initially demanded sum. Previous reports indicated the SEC seeking over $700 million from Ripple for securities law violations. Ripple, having gained momentum with three victories, holds a strong position, making it unlikely for them to meet the SEC’s demands willingly. Rispoli suggests that compromise is in the SEC’s best interest, drawing parallels with the LBRY case and emphasizing the potential for a legal victory if the settlement amount remains reasonable.


  • SEC’s need to compromise on the demanded sum.
  • Previous demand of over $700 million.
  • Ripple’s advantageous position after three legal victories.
  • Rispoli’s recommendation for the SEC to seek a reasonable compromise.

As the legal battle between Ripple and the SEC unfolds, the anticipation of the next deadline looms large. Rispoli’s insights provide a glimpse into the nuanced dynamics at play and underscore the importance of strategic decision-making for both parties. Will the SEC choose to settle and compromise, or will Ripple’s winning streak continue through the damages briefing? Only time will reveal the ultimate outcome of this high-stakes crypto legal saga.

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